Tax Return Preparation

  • Individual 
  • Corporate 
  • Partnerships
  • Trust and Estate 

Tax & Estate Planning

We can discuss options specific to you to save money and protect your assets.  Maybe you should consider forming a corporation?  What is the difference between a S-Corporation and a Limited Liability Corporation?  What is an inheritance tax and are there ways to avoid it?  How do the new tax laws affect me?  It's hard for everyone to know about everything.  Money and taxes are our specialty.  We'll ask you how to keep the pests out of our vegetable garden, you ask us what kind of home office deductions you can make?

Bookkeeping , Payroll, and other financial services

It is important for your bookkeeper and your tax preparer to have a good relationship.  Sloppy books makes the preparer's job much more difficult and you may even miss out on deductions that you could have taken.  We offer in house bookkeeping and payroll services.  Have peace of mind knowing everything has been done correctly.     


The personal difference

While some people are adept at avoiding taxes, the general rule is that if you make money, you will have to pay taxes.  We'll help you to pay the minimum of what is required.  Avoid making costly mistakes by doing your own returns or going to a "big box preparer."  Taxes are not one size fits all.  We get to know you and your industry and can make suggestions that perhaps you hadn't thought of, or even knew about.  We truly care about our clients and your financial stability.  We may see you on the soccer field one day, so it is important to us to know we provided the best service and saved you the most money that we could.       

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